Saturday, 9 April 2011

Day 1

9th April 2011 – On the Road, at last!!!!

At Mum and Dad's just about to leave

Well after much planning and preparation the big trip has finally arrived! We are very excited to actually be on the road, we have been talking about this for so long that I can’t actually believe the time has come!
fter lots of kisses, hugs and a 'tonni tradition' hanky waving we have finally departed.

Our first stop on the trip was our first BIG thing….every time we drive past Mike always teased me and said he would stop but he never did! And because Mike can’t break the golden rule (of NEVER using ‘we’re making such good time’) as an excuse we finally got to stop….and it lived up to my every expectation (mind you they were pretty low!!!)

The Watsons at the BIG KOALA!

We have been so busy in the lead up to this, that I don’t think we have stopped to even plan more than the first night’s stop. Fortunately we weren’t heading too far with our first overnight stay at ‘ Uncle Andrew’s Edenhope garden resort”  We hadn’t been to Andrew and Di’s for ages and since Georgia has apparently got a life and never visits us anymore we thought we had better give them one last chance to enjoy our company !

I must admit that the edenhope garden resort owners are a little 'odd', but the gardens are beautiful and from previous experience can vouch that the pizza's and beers served here are pretty good! Going to enjoy a lovely evening with Disy and Andy before we finally head towards Adelaide tomoz. 

Andrew and Di's Garden


  1. A short journey on day one is immensely sensible! Getting in the groove for lots of long days ahead.

  2. Enjoy your trip. which way are you heading? We are up in Andamooka at the moment in SA on our trip around Australia with four kids under 10. Maybe we'll meet up at some time,