Monday, 18 April 2011


Monday 11th April 2011
We headed into Handhorf for the day, which was great, lots to do and see, I think Scarlett’s (and secretly mikie’s hightlight) was the ‘fairy caves and the fairy garden’

We headed off early in the afternoon for the BIG 4 Adelaide Shores for what was meant to be a short stay of a day or 2, however by the time we got to the park our poor car decided to have a little spaz attack of it’s own! What was thought to be a minor oil leak, ended up being the transmission totally cooked!!!

The next few days were full of frustration, as we worked out what was exactly wrong with  the car, and once we realized that our short stay would extend into quite a lengthy one we decided to make the most of it and stop and smell the sea air! I think that although the car requesting it’s own little bit of TLC was not a great thing, it has at least forced us to stop and start to wind down.  So instead of pushing on over the nullabor at a great pace we are going to kick back in Adelaide, relax, drink, and sort out the workings of the camper to suit our needs.

Oh and we can visit the beautiful PANDAS, funi and wang wang, at the Zoo!!!

14th April 2011
So we finally think we have nutted out the sleeping arrangments, Oscar and Scarli share one end of the camper, with Lola in her port a cot at the foot of their double bed  (oscar can not grown more than 5 cm in the next 6 months or he will be kicking poor lola in the head!) and me and mike finally get to share the queen bed at the other end… know the saying 'if the camper is a rockin’… Luckily Lola has quickly become accustomed to us all coexisting in the same space and drifts off to sleep with only minimal fussing.

15th April 2011
Today was another leisurely day of holidaying, we had a long walk on the beach, where Lola took much delight in getting as wet as she could  as soon as she saw the water!!!, it was still a little cool at 8am however I think my kids would swim no matter what the weather. We also went to one of my favourite place IKEA for a quick high chair purchase, unfortunately a little decorating of the camper was not going to happen as mike is under the impression that I already have too much crap with me!! (or as Scarli sternly advised me, ‘don’t say shit or crap mum, say stuff”) After a quick walk through (an hour in Ikea is the quickest I have ever done!) we headed back for a jump on the jumping pillow and the never ending chasing Lola as she gleefully wanders too far away from the camper.

Lola’s favourite new activity is to drop all her food on the ground, then watch as the birds come and eat it all, then when we release her from the highchair, she sits down around the birds and eats her lunch from the ground!!! Nothing but class this one is!!!!

Scarlett’s favourite new thing is to say a million times a day ‘mum/dad can you do this???? As she contorts her fingers into different positions….not in the least annoying!!!!
She comes back from the jumping pillow announcing the name of her newest friend for the day . Oscar is happy to be scooting around and jumping on the jumping pillow with all the other kids, the kids have quickly settled into camp life and don’t even appear to be missing the tv (although they are still fighting over the ds and games on the iphone!)

16th April 2011
Well today was another beautiful day in Adelaide, the weather was a perfect sunny 22 degrees and although we had to strip and wash the kids bed AGAIN (because dunderhead parents forgot to put a ‘pulll up’ on their daughter!) we had a great day checking out the sites of Glenelg.

The kids definitely had the best day at the Beach House, which is a kids arcade/mini golf/waterslides fun centre, but when I asked them what the best thing was, they both agreed on winning the mother load of lollies in the arcade games!
My favourite game was playing deal or no deal for a chance to win ‘tickets’ for the arcade games! SADLY my no 13 which held a very successful 70 (out of a possible 100) was squashed by a cautious oscar who slammed on the brakes and pushed the DEAL Button when I the bank offered 45 tickets!!!!

In the arvo we went and had a cuppa with my beautiful neice Adi and her boyfriend Aiden, before coming back for a quiet afternoon at the caravan park watching the world go by.

Today we got our hopes up that the car would be fixed only to get it back  and find that they forgot to do…………………..(it was about this time that my mind starting saying lalala not listening….lalala not listening) I am ignoring the voice in my head that desperately wants to say ‘making sure the car is ok for a trip around Australia was YOUR ONLY job mikie’…but instead I am breathing deeply and saying  SERENITY NOW..(thanks George Costanza's dad), so I will just open the wine and smile….

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