Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I have itchy feet, the car is all fixed and ready to go, (I will not go into detail about the cost of this, I am just putting that out of my mind (but thanks very much redundancy package for paying for that one!) we have dropped back the rental car before Mike’s car envy took hold and he turned up with a new one, Mikie’s block of VB is drunk, my bottle of music for the mouth (Kaluha)  is empty and I am on to my last bottle of wine…..surely it’s time to move on!

The kids are in bed and I am just getting organized to hit the frog and toad tomorrow, Mikie has made a little friend a few campers up and has gone to have a quiet couple of beers with his ‘special friend’ ( I personally love how his friend is rocking a 1980’s mullet, that would rival Bon Jovi’s in his day!!!!)

A few highlights/items of note from our trip so far:
  • The caravan park has the most awesome pressure in the showers and will be what I benchmark all other parks against.
  • Mike+Theresa+alcohol = a very happy marriage
 And for you wondering how I am going having Mike as my main source of ‘adult’ conversation. (and I use the word ‘adult’ loosely…….
  • Some of the topics of conversation between Mikie and me at night so far
    • Why my opinion is the most important one and all that matters
    • Why brown bread is better for you than white bread
    • Why things cost so much more than the last time mike went to a shop!!!! (in 1995) Mike has already stated that he no longer wants to know how much things are, I just have to say, wow that was a bargain and he will be happy…(this conversation came about after he learnt the cost of zoo entry, and the cost of take away coffees!!!)

So much more to come!!!!


  1. Brilliant, how I do love your ramblings - keep them coming! Hope it's all smooth sailing from here lovely, miss you loads already :-)

  2. We never believe it at the time but the most memorable parts of a trip are when you hit strife! And with time and retelling those times get funnier......
    Anyway - I am impressed by how you are keeping on smiling. And - your lovely writing and tale-telling is making me smile! Thanks.