Saturday, 26 April 2014

Second Week Wobbl(i)es

This week we have been exploring the Eyre Peninsula. Due to our sorely depleted bank balance we are attempting to free camp/find cheaper options (aka freeload from family) as much as possible for the next 12 months. Before we left Mike spent every waking moment in the shed tinkering with the van in an attempt to make it livable for the next 12 months for ‘one disappointed mother who really wanted to upgrade to a better caravan that we could actually fit comfortably in’ and her family. So the past week has been a good chance to check a few things out and see how it (ahem….me) stands up to this free camping lifestyle Mike loves so much. 

Let’s see ….so far the battery in the camper has died a slow death, meaning we are on limited power supply…we have been managing fine thanks to our lovely electronic/ electrician neighbour who has been supplying us with led lights and low voltage options. Oh and the new whiz bang hot water system that Mike strongly advocated was just as good as a shower in a caravan has also failed….YIPPEE so far I am LOVING this free camping never having a hot shower thing!!!! Sponge baths take on a totally different connotation when you are attempting one with 3 kiddies in tow!

my studious Scarlett
Aside from my complete lack of ‘sucking it up’ on my behalf, we have had some lovely days chilling with the kids. Scarlett, my super excited studious little chick, has been busting to start her distance ed school work,  so instead of having two weeks off we have been getting ourselves familiar with their distance ed modules. Surprisingly we have got off to a good start with both Oscar and Scarlett enjoying their first week of schooling mumma style. I am not enjoying all the reading that I need to do the night before to prepare myself but I am sure once I get the swing of it we will be fine! Oscar is not to happy that I make them say “Good Morning Mrs Watson” in a sing song voice as I enter the camper to commence classes, Scarli however loves how ‘funny’ her mum is….I secretly giggle every time she sings so enthusiastically. Lola likes to sing out ‘Morning Mrs Farty Bum’ and run away, the cheeky minx!

We had been staying in a campsite with a few other travellers, mostly grey nomads and I have enjoyed having a natter with the old ducks over an afternoon cuppa, not that I can get much in as they all have a habit of speaking over themselves…(just like a bunch of other dutch aunties I know!!!) Mike has been testing out his 4 wheel driving skills in the sand dunes around where we have been staying and I have been laughing as I watch how he digs himself out of every sand bog! The kids have loved sliding down the dunes and were continually attempting the bigger dunes to throw themselves off.

Lola playing with her rock and shell collection
Lola beating me at Stacko
Oscar at the top of a look out

the cubby house the children made

sunrise from Port Lincoln National Park

We then headed to Port Lincoln to set up in the national park and wait for the Easter bunny to find us.  We were lucky enough to set up near a lovely family with kids similar ages and an older couple. We had a great five nights in the national park, playing lots of board games, walking the bush trails, watching everyone else fish, swimming in the ocean and generally chilling out. The Easter bunny still managed to find us and over supply us with lots of chocolate goodies. We cooked up a big batch of pancakes and had a great morning sitting around scoffing pancakes with our new friends.  Today we headed for streaky bay and after a very long day in the car ended up in Ceduna, we have washed clothes (and ourselves, I can tell you now that the shower I had tonight totally kicks arse over the pitiful drip system Mike calls a shower) and restocked the food cupboards in preparation for the start of the nullabor tomorrow.  

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