Wednesday, 20 July 2011


KAKADU _every time I write it, say it or see it, I hear the tune of Zanado by Olivia Newton John playing in my head, with Zanado replaced by KAKADU. I think that I have even hummed it for the last four days as I have wandered around this amazing part of Australia. I can add Kakadu to my list of favourites! Kakadu had a very special feel, I think immersing myself in the traditional owners appreciation of the land, and embracing the culture, country and they way they perceive the land has been such an eye opening experience. I have seen so much and learnt so much in these few short days that I already can’t wait to come back and learn so much more.

My favourite time was at Ubirr, looking at the rock art that has told such important stories for such a long time, gazing at these spectacular views of amazing land, such important land to Australia.  Just being there in the moment, feeling the earth’s heat, letting the feeling, the specialness just sit with me for a time.

I think that Kakadu has burrowed into my heart, searing my soul with a little of it’s magic. I have left Kakadu feeling right with the world, I feel a sense of clarity that I haven’t felt for quite some time, the questions that plague me may not all be answered but I feel a direction has been plotted. 

Kakadu was amazing, in amongst my new found feelings of love and peace (I may even start my own commune), was the day to day goings on of travelling, We visited awe inspiring places, saw spectacular views and learnt so much in our brief time here. We also swam and frolicked at the pool, enjoyed many a happy hour with the Labbetts who we were lucky to wander through this kakadu diversion with. We laughed, watched our children play with their friends and enjoyed the familiar faces of some great friends. It was so much fun to spend these few days with the Labbetts and will be a part of our trip that I will remember fondly. I even love that they followed us to Katherine mac donalds and Woolworths!!!!

I am  looking forward to the time of year when they put nothing but reruns on tv so I can watch Crocodile Dundee and be able to see all the places I have visited, whilst singing ZANADU in my head!  The balance between the ridiculous thoughts of croc Dundee and zanadu and the strong impression Kakadu had on my pyche mades me giggle!

Scarlett and I did an amazing dawn cruise along the Yellow waters, and it was lovely to have a couple of hours of special time with my big girl. We did some great walks in the park and I am a little jealous of the Labbetts who went to Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls, (definitely  next time!)

So after our brief sojourn into this amazing land, we headed back towards Katherine, via a quick dip in Edith Falls. After such an amazing time in Kakadu the stark reality of Katherine (aka Shitsville) hits you in the face nearly as much as the stench does. We drove straight through the town centre to the beautiful Katherine Gorge and set up for the night at the caravan park there. We enjoyed again a dip in another beautiful pool, Scarlett and Lola are becoming more and more confident everyday in the water. The serenity of all these amazing national parks has soaked into my skin and I was becoming very ‘one with the land, and the animals that reside there’..................... that was until the BLOODY bats turned up. OMG they were everywhere, the noise they made all night long was enough to turn all these good loving  naturist thoughts into ‘where do I find a shot gun to start a mass bat massacre!!!! I battled through the night listening to the caucophony of sounds and finally drifted off to sleep. The next day, to the sound of Mike impersonating Robyn saying ‘holy bat shit Bat man’ we packed up our campervan, washed as much of the bat shit off the roof and headed to our gorge cruise.

The beauty of the gorge certainly made up for the bat shit, we drifted down the river bribing the kids to be good with lollies so we could enjoy the view. The gorge was impressive and the tour guide very educational. So after bribing the kids for the last couple of hours, we made our way to Mac Donalds in Katherine, again we were stalked by the labbetts who were also making there way to the gorge, we said a fond farewell and enjoyed another 30 minutes of peace as the kids scoffed into the fat laden burgers and played on the playground. We then bet a hasty retreat out of Katherine to Matarankah.

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  1. Great Blog post Theresa. You might wanna check the meaning of the word "naturist" though. Hahahaha...