Monday, 30 May 2011


Well we arrived in Perth during the biggest down pour that they have had in months, so much for arriving in Perth for some beautiful weather! We have had a great time in Perth, enjoying all that this beautiful city has to offer. The first week was spent relaxing with Dave and Sue, we shopped, finally got an eyebrow wax and purchased some presents for my little man’s 7th birthday. The kids also enjoyed spending some time playing with sue’s grandkids, Maddy and Mitch. For Oscar’s birthday on the Sunday we went to Whiteman’s park for a bbq, kick of the footy and off course a play at the playground! I am sure that we are discovering every playground there is in each town! As we drive along as soon as the kids spot a swing in the distance, the cry from the back of the car is deafening “PLAYGROUND”, Mike and I have tried distracting them as soon as we spot one in the distance, but it appears the kids ‘playground radar’ wins out every time! Lola is even getting in on the action, calling out and laughing with the kids everytime they do it! To match their playground cries, Mike calls out ‘BUNNINGS WAREHOUSE” everytime we approach one, and my cry is ‘COFFEE SHOP” 

So after visiting every playground we saw we also enjoyed a beautiful day at King’s Park, we loved rottnest island, (well I loved it, mike was upset about paying 8.50 for a stubby and the kids cracked em over riding bike’s all day) I loved cruising around on the bikes, I just wish it could have been the old red Gove!!!
We had a great day at Fremantle, wandering through the market, munching on beautiful food and enjoying the atmosphere of this gorgeous area.

We have enjoyed relaxing at Dave and Sue’s having a few drinks and eating some awesome dinners that Sue prepared. I think Oscar is going to miss Sue’s cooking, as many nights he has ended  tea with a ‘That was delicious!!!’ Sue was also wonderful and babysat the kids so Mike and I could go out alone, we had a great dinner and then went to the movies, it was nice to get out without the kids and watch a very funny film.
We were lining up to purchase the tickets and because we were unorganised we didn't know what we were going to see, well I said lets just wing it and go to Insidious. Luckily I googled it whilst we were waiting because OMG it was a horror, imagine me, the romcom queen even attempting to watch a horror! I would have been out the door as soon as the first scene opened!!! Mikie was pissing himself just thinking of my reaction!!!! Instead we saw the hangover part 2 and considering we haven't seen the first one, we though it was hilarious!

So after a great two weeks we are ready to get on the road again. We have stocked up on supplies, finally had the very minor problem with our car fixed again (only took them two weeks to fix it!), the weather has turned again to rain, rain and more rain, so I think this is our cue to head further up north to the warmer weather! Coral Bay here we come!

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